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Gold Standard's new 2023-2024 Masters Series GAMSAT preparation books

Physics: Learning about Forces

Biology: Learning about our Cells

Organic Chemistry: A Challenging Problem!

GAMSAT University Online Course

Learn, Revise and Practice Online: GAMSAT Masters Series and GAMSAT Question Bank

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Thank you Dr Ferdinand and the GS team. I sat GAMSAT for the first time in March 2018 and it would've been a complete disaster without your help. I come from a non-science background and after doing a lot of research into the GAMSAT courses that are available I chose Gold Standard. The content is great but I found the direction on how to approach the test the [sic] equally as useful. I've heard stories from people who have done other GAMSAT courses and they weren't provided with the depth of instruction and support that I received from GS
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So thankful for this course! No better way to study for the GAMSAT! You guys have thought of everything.
  • 100% online GAMSAT course with instant access
  • Online lessons for all 3 GAMSAT sections include access to the 2023-2024 GAMSAT Masters Series eBooks with the most up-to-date, complete teaching (from introductory to GAMSAT level) with thousands of foundational and GAMSAT-level practice questions.
  • GAMSAT Question Bank: Thousands of quality GAMSAT practice questions with helpful worked solutions beginning with foundational questions and graduating to GAMSAT-level practice questions (forum access for clarifications is included).
  • 70+ hours of videos including clear, lecture-style teaching and Chapter Commentaries for Section 3: Over 300 teaching videos (sample videos) including Section 1 and 2, but mostly Physics, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry
  • Your question bank includes 5 full-length GAMSAT practice tests in the new 2023-2024 digital format followed by helpful worked solutions + the bonus exam GS-Free.
  • More than 20 timed specialised verbal tests including graphs & tables (2), cartoons (2), poems (2) and verbal comprehension (10); new addition: a GAMSAT-specific, speed-reading and comprehension programme
  • Access to the 2020 live GAMSAT course recording (filmed on campus just prior to the start of the pandemic)
  • Section 1: 20+ mini-tests (poems, cartoons, verbal reasoning, reading speed and comprehension, doctor-patient interaction, etc.)
  • Section 2: Strategies, essay plans, 50 exercises, online forum and 100 model essays; 2 of your essays professionally scored and returned to you with helpful comments!
  • Section 3: Learn, revise and practice from an introductory level for students with a non-science background (or an extended time since studying the basics) up to GAMSAT level for all students.
  • Be part of a community in the GAMSAT Forum monitored by our Gold Standard GAMSAT team.
  • Cancel anytime or choose to add an Essay Correction Service anytime.
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